Ahhhh now we get into it.
I'm not being a purist. I'm saying, as I always have, that the party needs to mobilize the base and go with bold proposals that have broad popular support. Centrism is opposed to that. It doesn't want to upset it's donor class. It's getting some tasty and lucrative incentives to quash any reasonable progressive agenda's. If there's scabs like Crowley that are standing in the way of leftist, progressive agenda Primary em'. That's not purity, that's self interest.
Corporate boy Crowley's EFF YOU!

The Democratic party floundered in the 70's and has been wandering in the Boomer centrist re-alignment since Reagan's landslide victory and re-election. Clinton, along with a new wave of 'New Democrats' came into power by triangulation. They persued policies promoted by corporate aligned think tanks such as 'Third Way' and turned their backs on traditional bases of support. Slicing off it's left flank of labor and civel rights preferring to go after suburban Reagan democrats.Is this an exaggeration NWP? Should I post up some Wiki? Some powell memorandum? Etc? Mebbe just Third Way then?
I recall going to Washington as a young teenager if the early eighties for an AFL-CIO convention. It was held at a Hilton Hotel convention center and must have had about 2000 shop stewards and union heads. A show of force to the coming showdown with Reagan and his administration. What the unions didn't see coming was the abandonement of the Democratic party by the new Third Way that was about to take over the Party, starting with Bill Clinton. Unions have never recovered their numbers from his time in office until today.
That strategy finally came to a head in 2016 with the corporately aligned Democratic presidential nominee. Ignoring that traditional base of support in the key battle ground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin proved critical. Centrists logic always runs to blaming the other side of the aisle for their lack of success and they have done likewise with this election failure. Blaming Russian interference, Comey, etc rather than admit to an incoherent candidate coupled with a poorly run campaign persiung a mostly professional and gendered and sexual rights crowd.
You want to debate the rightward turn of the democratic leadership NWP? I'm happy to have that debate. You want Empirical evidence, I'm happy to accommodate you. Where would you like to start? Income Levels, suicide rates, opiate addiction, mass incarceration, State violence?

All the blather about declaring yourself Democrat and help the team win is so much fall in the line with the Third Way consensus. 'We'll reward you after you pay your dues'. I think that time should be over. That political velocity doesn't move fast enough nor is effective enough for some of the larger (hell, largest in human history) challenges facing us. Are you happy with Joe Manchin chairing the senate energy committee? Well he's a Democrat so there's that. Never mind the cpending climate hell scape that's a brewin, he's on team blue.

It's true that the country seems to be more progressively aligned. It's also true that more younger voters are declaring themselves independent. Not much love going on there.

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