I tend to think Mueller may want to hold back for the House Intelligence Committee hearing transcripts he'll get in January. There are a LOT of Trump associates who could be flipped with potential perjury charges, in those transcripts. Also no sense in precipitating a showdown with Trump before the new House is seated.

>who are the other 11?

Maybe some lawyers who have crossed the line into criminal acts?

From quoted Wired article:
The only question that remains: Who else in the Trump orbit should expect coal in their stocking, courtesy of Robert Mueller?

I think maybe we should speculate now on who WON'T be getting some coal? I think Melania is in the clear. She'll do alright. After she gets deported she'll go on to marry some Greek shipping magnate, Jackie O style. Baron will be okay, but will be raised by his sister Tiffany. I do think Jeff Sessions is on the hook for some stuff that made him recuse himself.