Yeesh! Joe Manchin. Well I guess what your advocating. NWP, is something akin to going to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had. But c'mon, rilly? Joe Manchin?
Allright, lets look at him then.

Here's our tall talking Joe giving it straight up to the hillbilly's:

Admittedly 2010 but here's the man's more refined campaign pitch for defending Obamacares from his republican opponent in 2018:

So there you have it folks. You want to make your point to the hill poors just shoot something with a gun. I don't know if he won the state by shooting sh!t or he was helped by his opponent stepping on his own d!ck by announcing he would stop the teacher's strike 'by any means neccessary' if elected. This is west virginia. It may not mean much in some third belt subarb around ST. Louis but it means a hell of a lot in Mingo county. Hiss opponent was clearly an idiot. He also made matters worse by trying to take away the Obama care. That's a strange pitch to a mostly rural and poor community heavily benefiting from Medicaide expansion.

I do admire Manchin's grift though. He's got that native subtlety of ripping of his, mine and most likely your communities with his family grift. YA'LL REMEMBER EPIPENS!!!

You know, the company boosted the price 500%. I don't know how your community fire and ambulance does it but mine is required to be carrying epipens for allergic emergencies. Mylan, the company who makes the Epipen, justified the price hike for advertising and LOBBYING efforts to mandate that schoold have it made available for children. Because, you know, market world. It's notable that Manchin's Daughter, Bresch, is the sitting CEO during the price hike and there was a notable increase of over 600% in her pay raise when the price of the epipen was increased. But hey, this is a blue team member and we can't hold Sen Manchin at fault for the shady activities of his kid. Right? Amiright? We wouldn't do that with Trump now would we? Amiright?
So all in all, we got Joe Manchin who beat his opponent that was 1. Anti-union and 2. Anti-medicaide expansion. because he learned that a great way to talk to rural poors is to shoot some sh!t while his family engages in corporate corruption in executive boardrooms. That's your guy NWP? You liking some of that Kavenaugh?

You do remember Sanders pulling higher than Trump and crushing Hillary in W Virginia. I remember him shooting sh!t too.

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