Again - the left consists of them that believe that regulation can be a good thing and the right consists of them that believe that regulation is bad a takes the freedom away from people to make the right decisions. All that other stuff, socialism, religion, libertarian, liberal, conservative, etc gets done on BOTH SIDES! (left and right).

I have always thought it interesting that them, on both sides, will sometimes stray into what the other side considers theirs and nobody else's - just not true. Nixon, for instance, was in favor of equal rights, created the environmental protection agency, national health insurance, increased spending for the arts, etc. All of that yet nobody ever thought to call Nixon a lefty. Its kinda easy to do this with any of our leaders. Basically, there is the left and there is the right and then there are all them pesky distractions.

What is true is that the Democrats have claimed the left and the Republicans have claimed the right. Another interesting point is that, in spite of that, one of the founders of the Republican party was Abraham Lincoln who is, literally, adored by the Democrats.

My reason for this one is the title of this topic; "What Left?" I think that the question itself is not quite right, perhaps, if it was What Political Left it would have a little more validity but not much. I suspect, and do not mean to offend, that Chunkstyle is actually somebody who believes in Social Justice. I don't mean Socialism (which is a system wherein the state OWNS all production) I mean he believes that there are right things and wrong things and he is standing for what he considers the right which, when it all boils down, means that he is standing on the side of regulation/left. The problem with Regulation is, basically, that them that would regulate regularly go waaaaaaay too far (an example of that one was the approximately 20,000 pages of regulations in Obamacare gifted to us by the 'left') The right too has their little problems. One that I like is that Social Security takes the right of folks to make the right decision, for themselves, and set aside something for the 'golden' years. I can list what is wrong with this one but why bother. I do, however, actually have friends who utterly believe that one and I consider them to be part of the 'right'.

Just thought I would bring a bit of personal insight into this one.
Oh, not claiming that I am right in any sense of that word <G> Just saying...........