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The problem with Regulation is, basically, that them that would regulate regularly go waaaaaaay too far (an example of that one was the approximately 20,000 pages of regulations in Obamacare gifted to us by the 'left')

Thank you JGW, you illustrated perfectly the point I was trying to make originally on this thread with that observation.

It wasn't the 'left' that gifted us with that million moving parts product called Obamacare. Instead, it was a creation of a always hopeful center right democratic market world orientation searching for moderate republican votes for a very public problem. There was no left involvement in the crafting of that bill once the public option was blocked by the center right democrats.
Yet you think of that legislation coming from the left? Hmmmm.....

That's the problem. It denies a political identity and voice to a true political left when the centrists position themselves as 'the left. They are far from it and you could make the argument that they are more akin to Eisenhower Republicans than traditional democrats. What it does is confuse people as to what 'left' wing politics are by co-opting it's identity. That's not an accident, by the way, but a result of Third way' positioning. It is meant to smother a left wing voice in the political arena.

To reduce left wing politics as simply being in favor of regulation or not is an oversimplification and a mistake. The left is very much in favor of a more democratic organization of capitalism for starters. Less than that would be at least a right to organize to negotiate wth bosses over wages, as an example of a more 'left' positioning politically. The center right Democrats have walked away from that idea and have taking union votes for granted since Bill Clinton. We saw it on display in 2016 and this time it finally cost the centrist party the presidency.
If you want to read what leftist politics are about today JGW, you might look at the Labour manifesto from the Labour party in the U.K. You will find stark differences in political positioning from our neoliberal center right Dem party in the U.S.
It should throw into contrast the differences between the centrists Dems and a true 'left': Labour Manifesto

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