If you read the original obamacare bill you will not places that have a blank underline "______". This is a signal, to the bureaucracy to fill it in. This was not something to do with making pals with the Republicans, it was due to incompetent, lazy, legislation. I should also add that the Republicans were responsible for half of that bill. If you can find the c-span video of the markups you will see what I am talking about. I post this on this site when I watched it.

You are, however, right about Obama trying to be pals with the Republicans. The fact, however, is that the Republicans, right after Obama was elected stated, on tv, that their goal was to fight ANY legislation Obama might try and pass and they were very effective in that regard. This is, incidentally, why Jackass can so easily back out stuff Obama did. This is because he was unable to legislate and had to do it by fiat and Jackass could just undue them under the same system.

I think that you are saying that Unions lost membership due to Republican legislation. The simple fact is that Unions simply went too far. I can remember, for instance, when GM went on strike over the fact that GM was unwilling to pay for magazine subscriptions for the washrooms. I have had my own problems with Unions so I can talk with some experience in that matter. I am not against them, when they make sense. On the other hand the Teamsters, for instance, didn't support their own membership, at the time, so much as demanding high fees for joining so that they could fund mafia casinos in Las Vegas. I actually had one business wherein the employees themselves choose to vote the Teamsters out. I suspect things have changed but, no longer being involved, I have no idea if they have or not.

One of the problems, in the United States, is that there seems to be little or no moderation and greed is rampant. Without moderation, and a willingness to work things out, things will continue to at least seem to be in decline. When we have a situation like what we have now, with the Republicans AND the Democrats screaming at each other instead of talking, having a congress that may work as much as 3 days a week and take off, literally months (congress is like our schools. Christmas vacation, Easter Vacation, Summer Vacation, etc), to raise money to keep their jobs, our politics are always going to stink no matter who is in charge. I blame the voters for this one. They just don't seem to give a damn. (not all, but enough to make a difference).

I am, incidentally, not really interested in starting a battle over this stuff. It is what it is and its unlikely to change real quick.