Go to any shopping mall in America today.

Much of the mall is filled with stores that sell mostly useless crap made in China for a cheap price. Not much thought went into the quality of that crap because all Americans care about is the price. And most of the parking spaces are occupied by the most popular vehicle in America today, the Ford F150 4X4 pickup truck.
It's so damn popular, in fact, that Ford has stopped making all cars, except for the Mustang.

The Ford F150 4X4's you see, most if not all of them have never been off the asphalt, despite their large and imposing lift kits and big meaty tires.
And even if they did go off road, most of the drivers are so incompetent and poorly trained that they would get stuck if they did venture into the wild.

The trucks use a lot of gas, but the owners don't care, as long as they appear to be big. strong and capable.

Our leadership, our unions, our work product, our approach to community and our world outlook are all a lot like the typical Ford F150 4X4's that occupy most of the parking spots in a typical shopping mall.

But all of it has the APPEARANCE of being big, strong and capable, until you put it to the test.

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