I know, its easier blaming the decline in union membership on gov. I repeat, I had one business where the employees, on their own, decided to stop their participation in the Teamster's You are right about Taft Hartley but its certainly not the only reason. The right to work is also at fault but the title remains correct. Its why, for instance, Boing moved to one of the Carolinas. Basically, right to work states tend to get a lot of the jobs because they are right to work. All that being said, Unions have a LOT of baggage that is not conducive to increasing membership.

I am not sure about the Democratic party leadership (other than they are waaay too old, set in their ways and oversaw massive losses due to not paying attention) on healthcare and education. On the other hand healthcare needn't even be a social issue so much as an economic issue. Take the VA (which Jackass is trying to privatize). They provide healthcare at a significant saving over private care:

I am against any healthcare by gov unless its completely paid for by taxes and gov takes over the entire industry, lock, stock and barrel. If they did that, and joined up with the rest of the industrialized world the nation would save well over 1 trillion dollars annually. I consider healthcare AND education to be the same as police departments, the army, the navy, fire departments and libraries. They should be treated exactly the same and should be paid for by the entire nation, just as they are in most of the rest of the world. The main difference, especially in education, in other countries, is that to do higher education you must be qualified and work at it. I also think that the debts incurred by those in higher education is, literally, a crime and just plain wrong. We now have an entire generation of indebted due to higher education as well as claimed, and failed higher education. I used to have a heart specialist that had a huge debt after graduation. She paid 100,000 against that debt and it didn't even touch the principle. The interest on such debts, which gov owns, is approximately 2 times what plain banks would have charged! (its REALLY wrong!)

I should also mention that my reps in congress all support healthcare and education as social necessities.

In closing. Our government has not had a study and re-organization since the Hoover Commission (around 1946). I blame that fact on gov having what can only be considered a runaway bureaucracy. We REALLY need another Hoover Commission with teeth. The last one was responsible for at least 7 major government re-organizations. I am sure that Obamacare would never have been buried in unnecessary regulations had that had been done. I also have my suspicions about the length of current legislation over the same stuff 20 years ago (if you go back to the 1950's the increase even three times long)