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I enjoyed your rant, jgw, but will pick at this minor point because this is the direction I think we're headed on healthcare.
I am against any healthcare by gov unless its completely paid for by taxes

Medicare For All is what you're gonna get. You can call your Medicare premiums "taxes" if you want and coverage isn't exactly all inclusive without supplemental plans. Our government isn't very good at designing things from the ground up but it might be able to build on an established and popular program like Medicare.

Yup, true. We already HAVE the infrastructure built, so we don't NEED to build an entirely new infrastructure and reinvent the system.
It's there, and the large question is just how we intend to pay for it, and how much.

We missed the chance to build out a government health care infrastructure after WW2 had just ended, which is when the Brits decided to do it. Oh, of course it also helped that much of Britain's larger infrastructure was reduced to rubble at the time.
But anyway, that was the time period where Uncle Sam might have had a convincing argument to build out such a system to replace what we had, much the way Interstate freeways replaced a lot of the old U.S. Highway system.

Now it's here, and it's huge, and it covers most of the nation.

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