Back to the point, It's been an interesting week for the embryonic left wing of American politics. The two events that featured biggest for me were;
Sanders appearing on Colbert to discuss a decidedly left wing agenda. In that conversation he was asked about the realism of his proposals while having Mitch McConnel and republicans controlling the Senate. Sander's reply was actual politics as I have come to understand it. Draw sharp differences between yourself and your opponent by championing bold proposals that have broad popular support.........
It's as though he's describing an alternative to the knee jerk corporate wing of the democratic party by offering voters politics instead of the centrists fetish for consensus. Bipartisanship. Reaching across the aisle . Market place of ideas and other slobber masquerading as politics but is really nothing more than supporting status quo for the donor class. Imagine! Sanders describes political strategy

Second was the young Turks recently elected and doing a public service of taking their constituents along for the ride and sharing the process of indoctrination into "how things are done". I hope that this will prove just as effective as the POTUS rallies that the presidents has been doing for his loyalist. Keeping them warm for a crucial midterm instead of letting them go to sleep as past administrations have been inclined to do. In particular, Ocasio Cortez's taking us inside the Washington establishment is effectively breaking down the corporate wall of perception, mainly the corporate press, and allowing us to see conservative think tanks and Goldman (who else) sponsoring congressional freshmen orientation night at Harvard (why haven't we burned that Mordor equivalent to the ground!) and the SWEET healthcare package congressmen receive.
Freshmen Orientation

I won't bother mentioning the 'Green New Deal' suffice to say it's been the only rational sane proposal that I've seen from Washington in many years and it's taken a 'Lefty" freshmen to champion it. All in all it was a very interesting week in Washington.

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