The problem with just about any expenditures, new or old, is that there IS NO MONEY! The tax program of the Republicans and Jackass took care of any money that might be available. On top of that we are in the beginning of an economic downturn which, I think, will be kinda devistating.

The Right (I know, no right or left)in collusion with Jackass, the Russians and Saudis and Israelis has, pretty much, wrecked any thoughts of doing just about anything but trying to pay the bills. There have actually been some talking heads suggesting that Jackass has no plans to even pay down the debt (I am not sure how that can be). Anyway - all this talk of healthcare and education for all, etc. is just plain old wishful thinking, no matter what side you are on. The interest on the debt, plus the annual destruction of Medicare and Medicaid (10 billion a year just for Medicare alone) kinda takes care of everything.

The winners, of course, are not so much the corps so much as the 1% who actually are the winners in all of this and are adding billions to their coffers. The only things that the Right hasn't done, so far, is start a new war with Iran but I have faith its on their agenda.

On the bright side the Left (I know <sigh>) get a shot at doing what the house is supposed to do and gets control of the money! Jackass is threatening a shutdown if he doesn't get at least 5 billion for his wall. (my fond hope is that they stop ALL legislation that is not in the interest of the nation) One can only hope that they stick to their guns, don't give him a dime, and submit a new budget that rolls back the gifts to the 1%, stops all the war stuff, and actually starts to run a congressional house based on the constitution and actually displays a bit of backbone, integrity and responsibility for the nation instead of their damned jobs (thought I would stick in a bit of wishful thinking myself).

In other words, the Dems are going to find themselves back in the driver's seat, saving the economy, rebuilding jobs, and fixing the nation. It starts on January and will, I think, extend waaaay past 2020. Hopefully, this time, they will toot the hell out of their collective horns and point out who has caused the mess on a constant basis. If the right can do it with lies then one would think the same strategy, this time with the truth, will have, at least, as good a response over time? This time, hopefully, this will actually educate the nation as to the reality of what, exactly, the Right contributes on their way out.

All this, incidentally, is based on a world class Republican spending spree and debt, rising unemployment (wait for the next report, its gonna be a duzy), interest on the debt, Medicare and Medicaid reductions starting to hit bigtime, a stock market in free fall, and a really pissed off generation of university educated victims starting to act out.

On the other hand (can't resist), the mystical left can also continue their internal, and very public, strife, bickering, whining, lack of leadership, etc. This includes the constant adoration of a very old self proclaimed socialist who proudly proclaims he is not a member of the Democratic party but thinks he should be able to run it.

Hopefully this will not happen and everybody who does not support the agenda of environmental destruction, self aggrandizement, ally insulting, personal greed, racist, and socially irresponsible will understand that there are two sides and they are on the other side and quite willing to talk to each other, work it out, and forage ahead.

Just saying.............