All these terms, like "center right" are just parsing the facts. The facts are that the nation is polarized and its all about supporting the right/Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarials or not. The divide is recognized and easily defined. In the current cases I simply don't buy fine distinctions. The simple fact is that 'right' and 'left' are binary choices.

Clinton did that in his last days in office and is not representative of the party as a whole. Here is a little history of what you are referring to:
As far as banking is concerned the Democrats were responsible for a somewhat far reaching bill to get the banks under control. The Right, however, has been chipping away on that one too, thereby adding fuel to the coming economic downturn.

I do wonder, Chunkstyle, how do you refer to yourself? Apparently you are not a Democrat so, when voting time comes do you vote for the Republicans? Voting for anything else is, basically, tossing your vote in the gutter. However, there is always the third choice and that is submit a blank ballot which, at least, will send some kind of message without actually supporting the Right nor the mythic Left. Oh, in case you wonder, this is a rhetorical question and how you have voted, or are going to vote, is YOUR business. That being the case there is no need to actually answer the question <G>