The filings said explicitly that the SCO had corroborating evidence about this stuff. Mueller has not said what that evidence is, but you can bet he has it. Stuff like incriminating emails, documents, and tax returns. And best of all, Trump's written responses to Mueller's questions that Trump claimed he wrote personally.

Paying off bimbos to influence the election hardly matters at all, in my book. What really matters is Cohen lying to Congress about the Trump Tower project timeline, and then making a public statement that it ended in January 2016. That was a signal to multiple witnesses as to what they should say to investigators. Then all of these other witnesses confirmed to Congress and the FBI (Southern District of NY and the SCO) that the project ended in January. Maybe including Trump's written answers! Then Cohen later admits it went on until June and he briefed Trump and family what was happening. Yesterday we found out the Trump Tower project could have netted the Trump Organization 100's of millions of dollars.

So federal prosecutors have stated in court (essentially under oath) that the President has co-conspired in multiple felonies. This is far worse than Watergate, and the main difference is that we have a Senate Majority that is willing to act as accessories after the fact.

This really is all about a Russian plot to steal a billion dollars from a US financier and to murder his faithful tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. America responded to that murder by passing the Magnitsky Act, sanctioning several Russians involved. This directly affects Putin because his position depends on protecting his oligarch buddies who have large real estate investments in America. Remember in 2014 when Eric Trump bragged about getting a lot of money from Russia? Well, Putin elected Trump because he had financial hooks into Trump, and Trump could soften or end the Magnitsky Act.