Political views fall on a spectrum JGW and that spectrum has been narrowed to a center right and far right status quo. Your binary choice may simplify your voting choice preference but I don't think it represents everyone. To think the current positions of the parties as being left and right denies the reality of our political history.
The reason why I dislike the center right Democratic Party being called 'left' is that it is a masquerade that neither represents current left political thought nor our countries past left political traditions. As I've stated before'that ain't no accident' and it serves a very important purpose of narrowing political thought and denying a left alternative to the benefit of the ruling status quo.
Thru a remarkable set of circumstances, it's been rekindled again in the U.K. where the previous neoliberal center right Labour Party of Tony Blair has been all but obliterated, having been given a real left alternative.
Macron now seems to have lost legitimacy as well as he tried to impose neoliberal solutions to the growing climate disaster. The outcome of that street fight TBD but it could go hard right. The previous leftist government left with very low approval ratings as it found itself very limited to enacting the changes desired by voters due to the EU rules. That outcome may go hard right as a left option was tried but failed to meet voter expectations and strategy poorly formed.

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