No: The perjury was Cohen telling congress that the deal was finished in January 2016 when it kept going until June. We shall see if Trump's written answers said the deal was finished by January or June. I'd bet a thousand bucks it said January, because Cohen told everybody that "January was the story we all should tell".

Every Trump associate who testified before Congress and said "January" has committed perjury. And not just accidental perjury, but perjury with corrupt intent because they all lied together on purpose.

Indeed, business deals with Russia are not a crime unless you do something illegal like bribe an official or do business with somebody sanctioned. Lying to the public is not a crime. Lying to a Congressional investigation IS a crime, just the same as if you lied in court under oath. Lying to the FBI in the context of an investigation is too. Does not matter at all if what you were lying about was not a crime.