I am a bit confused. First there is the political spectrum thing. 'Spectrum' infers a distribution, the distribution can be wide or thin but it represents, I think, a significant number of views rather than 1 or 2. You are determined to define the Democratic party as being represented by what you refer to as the 'center right'. The Democratic party I am familiar with represents a wider 'spectrum' than that. I suspect its between the center right back to socialist in the classic meaning of that term. I also believe that there are a LOT more people in that spectrum than in the spectrum of Jackass True Believers and THAT is how the Dems did what they did in the last election.

Your insistence that the Democratic party is made up only of them on the 'right' is, obviously, just plain wrong. I guess what you are saying is that voting Democratic is akin to voting for Hitler? I just don't get it. I don't think you support the Republican/Right nor do you support the Democratic/Left (because, I guess, it doesn't exist). This being your apparent political stance what and/or who do you support?

You might also belong to that sturdy group of nay sayers determined to have their way or either vote for Jackass or just don't vote because the Dems have no candidates that you approve of.

The only other that is that you carry the black flag of anarchism as that seems to be all that is left.

This is, of course, all just plain old speculation. Just wondering.................