I watched Peggy Nunan the other night. She said all this stuff is interesting but what interests her even more is that the Jackass path is strewn with rocks and everytime one gets turned over it exposes yet another swamp full of bad things, people, actions, etc. Until the Mueller thing is done, or the Dems turn up something exculpatory in the house after they take over, this is just all speculation and little else, not unlike 'news' on TV.

I think the simple fact that Jackass has managed to surround himself with criminals, liars, racists, and the greedy, I think, is simply not said enough and should be pointed out loudly and constantly. Those in opposition don't seem to be real good getting the message out and, I fear, is a fact.

There is another truth worth mentioning. Jackass and cohorts are expert at one thing over all else - the use of distraction and misdirection. Most of the speculation, in this topic, is just parroting the distractions and misdirection of Jackass and friends.