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Stop making healthcare an employer benefit.
Medicare for all is the only logical way forward.
I couldn't agree more. From a macroeconomic standpoint, our current fetish with "employer paid" healthcare is insane. For big bidness, it is a competitive anchor weighing them down, since virtually all their competitors have some form of national healthcare, and for small business it absorbs a lot of entrepreneurial energy. My son works for a mom-and-pop business that is offering health insurance for the first time through the healthcare exchange. The employees and the business will each pay 25% of the cost, and the State will pay the rest. It's a win for everyone, really. They are mostly minimum-wageish workers who can't afford insurance on their own, but it would be even better if neither had to suck up 25% of the cost. Taxes would go up, yes, but overall costs would go down.