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I am a bit confused. First there is the political spectrum thing. 'Spectrum' infers a distribution, the distribution can be wide or thin but it represents, I think, a significant number of views rather than 1 or 2. You are determined to define the Democratic party as being represented by what you refer to as the 'center right'. The Democratic party I am familiar with represents a wider 'spectrum' than that. I suspect its between the center right back to socialist in the classic meaning of that term. I also believe that there are a LOT more people in that spectrum than in the spectrum of Jackass True Believers and THAT is how the Dems did what they did in the last election.

Your insistence that the Democratic party is made up only of them on the 'right' is, obviously, just plain wrong. I guess what you are saying is that voting Democratic is akin to voting for Hitler?

The democratic party has shifted to the right since the time of FDR, keynesian economic consensus and the New Deal. You could say that americans have turned more center right but that would not be accurate any more than your insistance that their has been a broad distribution of political thought within the Democratic Party. Until recently, anything other than a Neoliberal Consensus was effectively neutralized.
If you don't believe there is a Neoliberal consensus then I suggest you look at the primary process of candidate selection.
Much like the Republican Party's tactic of voter suppression the DNC, DCCC and DSC have relied on candidate suppression to maintain that neoliberal consensus. There has been some very good reporting on this and, if your paying attention during the primary races in 2018, it was on full display yet again.
Republicans running as re-flagged Democrats, Steny Hoyer's vield threats to a candidate in a bar, etc etc. I've linked this reporting but, whatever. People will believe what they want and a posted link won't change any of it.
I don't mind you being comfortable with a center right alignment. What I do mind is you claiming the Democratic party, as it currently exists, is 'Left'. I'm pushing back on that by drawing distinctions between what is or has historically been considered 'left' and the positions of our current Democratic Party. It's about as annoying as the curent Republican party claiming to be the progressive political party of the past under Lincoln. The comparison, in the same way, is absurd.

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