I think I am getting it. What you are saying is that there is nobody really on the left, not that there is no left just nobody is home there and now everybody is center right.

Then you went on to say that not only is the Democratic center right but that they attack folks running under the Democratic banner. I doubt the first and get some humor out of the second.

I have seen the DNC go after some candidates and not others. Normally, when that happens, they had somebody else in mind, usually somebody who has put in the time and effort and gets 'appointed'. Same thing happens on the Republican side as well. Then there is the "candidate suppression" thing. If nothing else that's a really great phrase. I have been saying, for a very long time, that one of the problems with the parties is that they tend to, sometimes, offer up candidates that don't really have the capacity to even feed themselves. That stuff comes under the heading of "sh*t happens".

I would point out, you may have missed it, that the Dems, in the last election put 39 or 40 candidates, many of which were new and female into the congressional house and a LOT more than that into state legislatures. Does this mean that all them candidates were choices made by the DNC after first purging the same, or more candidates? I guess I just don't understand it all.

I guess I will just have to go with something like; "The Democrats won the congressional house and a lot of state legislatures and, apparently, all these newly elected Dems oppose Jackass and all that's come with him. To me it sounds as if they are against the Jackass criminal organizations and, seemingly, for removing said criminal activities as soon as possible. This seems a good thing to me.

As far as the terms; 'left', 'right', etc. are concerned I couldn't care less. If you want to believe that the entire nation has decided to support the Jackass is fine with me. I don't believe that but, if you do, I wish you good luck, Merry Christmas, and a belief that I just don't buy that one. As a matter of fact I suspect you are in a kindofa lonely place but it is YOUR choice which puts you a bit ahead of the True Believers. Anyway, If you don't like 'left' how about "Folks against the Republican Righteous Right"?

Just wondering...............