Yes, you are correct. There has been very little representation of left wing politics since the purge in the 1950's of those political forces that brought about the New Deal consensus. To say that he current power that dominates the Democratic party today as being left just doesn't square with the historical record.
You need to look more closely at the dynamics that make up a democratic primary race vs. a republican. Offering a critique or being skeptical does not mean your taking another political parties side. I call it the way I see it and the Neoliberal, market oriented forces have kept a grip on the power, to a large extent, thru campaign financing. This was not always the case but happens to be now. To deny this is to deny the current reality of the party and also the large effort to reform the primary process since the 2016 election debacle.
No, I didn't miss the midterm election and there's a bit of good and the usual bad. There was much of the same primary rigging by the DNC and I had posted up this problem while the races were underway. You have a party apparatus running on an ability to be connected to wealth rather than offering people political solutions to their problem. If you think having half of america unable to handle an $800 dollar emergency is not a problem then you might want to consider yourself part of the problem.
We do have an embryonic left wing forming with this mid term election. A small one that is currently punching above it's weight and generating some bold policy ideas to some very big public problem. Medicare for all instead of that million moving parts monstrosity called Obamacare that remains too expensive, a green new deal, maybe we shouldn't be caging humans more than any other country on earth for a buck. Ideas like corporations paying taxes or capitalism serving society instead of society serving capitalism.
In this age of biblical inequality and rampant corporate criminality which of those options appears to be winning JGW?