I have no idea who the tall guy is but the other is Bloomberg. I think he is the one who switched from Republican to Democrat. If he is going to run as a Democrat then he had the decency, at least, to join the Democrats unlike some who want to run as a Democrat without actually joining the Democrats which I think is crazy.

Anyway, Bloomberg, this is the guy who just gave 1.5 billion to a school so that those who couldn't afford, without massive debt, still get educated in a university. You know, the guy who gives, literally, billions of dollars to good causes. He donated, literally, tens of millions, in the last elections to support Democratic candidates. I think what you are telling me, this time, is that anybody who has the big bucks is bad, bad definition of being rich. I wonder, is it your plan to ship all them rich folk to an island someplace (seems to me there was another fella that also had that thought. You know, it started something like; "there is a spectre hanging over Europe". That one is easy, I kinda like the guy in Mexico who started the American Worker's Party a bit better. No sense not going the whole way.

Now, who is winning. Well, the big bucks are winning and they are winning because of an electorate pathetically ignorant and determined to dump in their own nest. I know, you blame it on the big bucks but I tend to believe that ignorance and lazy certainly have something to do with it. Look at the massive job the Dems did just to get their supporters to actually get off their dead butts and actually vote. This is, if nothing else, an excellent example of what is completely unnecessary. I am for mandatory voting. This business that everybody has a right not to vote is just so much crap. Our electorate has proven that they have to be forced (FORCED!) to act in their own best interest. Austrailia is the last to make voting mandadory, the world didn't end, but their process suddenly got interesting and there were adjustments made when almost everybody voted. Now its our turn.

As far as money is concerned, the solution is pretty simple. I would like to see congress try and legislate two simple things; speech is not money and money is not speech, a corporation is not a single individual. You get rid of those two and money is gone from politics. Its that simple. Let congress legislate it, ALL of congress, and then let the supremes deal with it. It just might be interesting. Given how much Obama and Jackass has been able to do with no legislation I think it might be interesting to see what happens when congress actually does something. If they can do that I would also suggest that congress is open, at least, for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week instead of 3 hours, 3 days a week. I would also suggest a law that would ban gov from paying for the travelling expenses of them in congress. If they want to go home every weekend then they get to pay the freight for that out of their own pockets.

Just saying.............