I have said this before. There is simply no way to provide healthcare for everybody unless gov takes over the entire healthcare industry, lock, stock and barrel. Drug companies get seriously controlled, just like in the rest of the world. Healthcare device manufacturers get seriously controlled, just like the rest of the world. I can keep going with this but I think the message is clear. NO more insurance companies! NO more healthcare payed for by employers, etc. ALL healthcare covered by taxes, just like police, firemen, and libraries. This needs to be done so healthcare for profit doesn't bankrupt the country. This is why the United States, right now, as a nation, spends approximately twice as much on healthcare per capita than ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH! We are spending over 1.5 TRILLION dollars MORE than any other nation that provides healthcare!

medicare for all is a bad dream. They tell you that it only covers 80% and its up to the sick to pay the rest. Two things wrong with that. The first is that it covers less than 80% and the second is the solution is medigap insurance and that is NOT cheap!

I think I posted something about how much it costs the VA to supply healthcare. Its substantially less than our for profit healthcare. If they were able to get more control over drug prices and devices it would cost even less! I am mentioning this because having Veterans Administration healthcare for all makes a LOT more sense (they, for instance, no only dicker with drug companies for better prices but also shop, worldwide for the best stuff for the best price). Jackass, however, is trying to privatize the VA which is causing the VA to have genuine messes not of their own making.

I apologize for this repeat but I think its important to at least talk about this stuff.

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