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I have no idea who the tall guy is but the other is Bloomberg. I think he is the one who switched from Republican to Democrat. If he is going to run as a Democrat then he had the decency, at least, to join the Democrats unlike some who want to run as a Democrat without actually joining the Democrats which I think is crazy.

Anyway, Bloomberg, this is the guy who just gave 1.5 billion to a school so that those who couldn't afford, without massive debt, still get educated in a university. You know, the guy who gives, literally, billions of dollars to good causes. He donated, literally, tens of millions, in the last elections to support Democratic candidates. I think what you are telling me, this time, is that anybody who has the big bucks is bad, bad definition of being rich. I wonder, is it your plan to ship all them rich folk to an island someplace (seems to me there was another fella that also had that thought. You know, it started something like; "there is a spectre hanging over Europe". That one is easy, I kinda like the guy in Mexico who started the American Worker's Party a bit better. No sense not going the whole way.

Perhaps the oligarchs shouldn't take so much so that we can properly fund public services and public space. The philanthropy scam has come under some good scrutiny lately, JGW, and I would suggest having a read or two on what the whole 'benevolence' giving is all about.
We have a system that is designed to funnel money from the poor to the rich while having the poor and middle class pay for that system. That's bad JGW. Hence the rise of authoritarianism.

There is little else in your post that I would disagree with and actually support.