I think, chunk, what he is saying is that he's giving up on convincing you of anything. You have a position, no information that contradicts that position is of any use in persuading you.

What I find frustrating, and I think is reflected by others, is that from a policy perspective we agree with you. What we find disagreeable is the insistence that your views on political perspectives is the only one. The response, inevitably, is to attach labels. Most of those labels are inaccurate, in my view. From your perspective, correct me if I am wrong, there is no room for compromise, and any hint of centrist thought is deemed "neoliberal" (I'm not sure you are using the term correctly - but then, neither do "neoliberals"), or fascist, or right-wing, etc., etc., etc. I, personally, find it irritating and counterproductive to discussion of substance.

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