I surrender insofar as even trying to figure out where you are, exactly, insofar as politics is concerned. You do not like the Democratic party, you really don't like the Republicans. You claim to be " Pro union, pro public, pro democracy, anti imperialist, anti war, anti racist, etc.." Then you start up with the labelling. When its all said and done I have absolutely no idea about where you actually stand. I suspect you think that you have explained it all - you have not. What you have done is, basically, leave me with the impression that you don't vote for either side and are expecting some kind of new political party that will save us all.

You have done an absolutely great job of confusion. I, on the other hand, simply give up trying to figure it all out. Seems a bit to confusing to make any sense to me. I am probably just to old to deal with the confusion.