What's confusing JGW?
My political label? What's my opinion of the environment?
Frankly, I started a debate on the concept of their not being a 'left' political presence in the Democratic party. I offered a critique of the parties direction and my own opinion on what 'Left' means in our historic political sense. I've also given examples on how the Democratic power structure actively thwarts any contemporary leftist candidacy by witholding it's support in the primaries. That it's alienated it's historic left leaning base of support, preferring tech and the FIRE economies.
I've also listed it's incredibly harmful policies over the last 35 years that could hardly be described as 'left'.
Finally, I've tried to explain that the Democratic party, as it currently exists, by calling itself the 'left' wing of our two party system, does a disservice to a true left political alternative.

That's the argument. What's the response been like:

Why is it important?
Loyalty to the party apparatus and organization over it's constituents.
An unwillingness to engage in a critique of some of the less savory positions of Democratic party.
Joking I might be a troll, Russian or otherwise.
A label thrower. Whatever that means.
Demanding I 'reveal' what my political position is.

Basically, my style has come under attack but, so far as I can tell, not the substance of my arguments, except that I'm not using 'labels' correctly and I shouldn't anyways cuz - bad.

If you want to ask me a specific question about my political opinion JGW go ahead and I'll answer you as direct as I can. I might not have to resign myself to calling the argument useless due to willful obtuseness.

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