Maybe PIA, but it has been moving that way anyhow since the first conservative revolution. As it stands, it's been money over everything for some time now.
The Democratic Party can't reform itself and has proven insufficient to deal with problems we face.
It won't make changes that could help it perform better. It will reflexively pull back more and more from its constituencies and curb political space to only true believers and donors as all corrupt organizations do. Or, as Hedges puts it, it's retreating to the forbidden city where, behind walls and armed protection, it will deliver new edicts and proclaimations of grand successes as all decaying institutions eventually do. It will come to see the problems stemming from democracy itself and will move to limit its access to only those that will perpetuate it's legitimacy.
This is where we are. There's some tremendous efforts going on to change the trajectory but as the party offers nothing to more and more people, decade after decade, a new party may be a final Hail Mary pass. It's a slim chance but isn't that the point of a Hail Mary?
The Democratic Party got rid of the counter forces, as imperfect as they were, long ago with the exile of it's left. It got rid of any force for equality, fraternity and solidarity. That was keeping our facist tendencies in check for awhile but not any longer. We now have a party committed to heirarchy, loyalty and fealty. Good for some, not so good for most. I'm afraid that were heading to the logical political conclusion. It's not going back to what it was and, in the end, the Democratic Party will side with fascism as well.

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