Again - I vote for Democratic candidates, I do that, basically, because I simply don't agree with them Running under the Republican banner. For me its that simple. There was a time, years ago, when I would sometimes vote for a Republican I liked but those have dried up and blown away. As I have said, again and again, we currently have a binary election system where you are on one side or the other - there is no middle ground and quibble insofar as being picky about candidates. We all know what the other side is so picking is pretty simple for me. This is even true of local elections. Even there the choice is stark.

Democratic Social Democrats are simply a group trying to distinguish themselves from plain old Democrats. I have nothing against that. There are LOTS of groups within the Democratic umbrella. There used to be the same thing for Republicans but, no more, they kiss the Jackass ring or they are not Republican and that also seems pretty simple to me. Ranking on, for instance, the Democratic party is, basically, not only a waste of time but actually threatens. On the other hand there will be some who think that the current election thing is not binary and just cannot vote Democratic, cannot vote Republican, cannot vote at all. These folks are just as responsible for Jackass politics as those who actually voted for them, as far as I am concerned.

I keep thinking that one should list reasons for not voting Republican. I have, however, come the conclusion that if folks haven't figured it out yet that is unlikely to happen. Instead we now have Jackass actually threatening revolt, by his base, should he get deposed for any reason. Interesting times?