I remain convinced that the Jackass Administration is a criminal enterprise. Everything we have learned, so far, would tend to support that belief. If it is correct then the 'boss' is taking a 'little taste' of everything his underlings have been able to beg, borrow, or steal. I believe that because that is how criminal enterprises are run.

I also believe that, eventually, we will learn that Jackass put a little bit into his pockets. A little bit of his coronation expenses, a little bit of his election expenses, you know, a little bit from everything. The Saudis, for instance, are booking all sorts of rooms in his hotels. They don't use the rooms, just pay for them. This goes on and on and, I also think, just about everybody knows about it. My fond hope is that the prosecutor knows a LOT more than anybody else and part of that is the ability to prove the criminal enterprise. Once that gets done we will then also get to watch the Republican lovers of their dear leader explain it all to us.

Just waiting for Justice to come!