I had a little epiphany today. I realized that the most important political idea is that you shouldn't let people who hate government and want it to fail, run the government. Right there is the basic problem. Republicans want government to fail, so they do everything in their power to see that it does.

Now I understand that some (most?) of us want something or several things the government does to fail. But then again, the vast majority of us are not anarchists enough to want everything to fail. That's extremism (right or left), and only a tiny fraction of us are that extreme. Most of those people just leave and go to some other country more to their liking. The few that remain do stuff like blow up day care centers in Oklahoma City or run for Congress as a Republican.

There is a certain attraction to the Republican Party for outlaws of all sorts, because that is the Party of Less Government. Specifically because those people (like Trump) feel like the Government should not interfere with their actions, even if their actions hurt other people. This is why so many Republican office holders get into legal trouble. It's in their very nature.