Boyarkin says it fell to him to collect the debt from Manafort. I came down on him hard, he says. But the American proved elusive. In a petition filed in the Cayman Islands in 2014, lawyers for Deripaska, a metals tycoon with close ties to the Kremlin, complain that Manafort and his then-partner had simply disappeared with around $19 million of the Russians money.

When he reappeared in the headlines around April 2016, Manafort was serving as an unpaid adviser to the Trump campaign. He wanted his long-time patron in Moscow to know all about it.

Russian Ex-Spy Pressured Manafort Over Debts to an Oligarch

All we have to do is compare patterns and models. Maria Butina with the NRA, Manafort with Deripaska, Trump with Putin.
These patterns are all very similar, with similar and predictable results.

The guy in charge of Trump's campaign was already "super double fudge sundae with cherries on top f***ked".

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