I disagree with the drug analogy and until Democrats grasp the meaning of of Trump they are doomed.

Nancy Pelosi just showed how to limit the ability of what's possible by passing Paygo. It's yet another in a long list of the centrists punching left while moving right.

Face it. "progressive' is the simplest of adjective to use for oneself or candidates/ politicians you choose to support. It really doesn't mean anything unlike Neoliberalism, liberalism etc...
For me it's a simple question of weather society is for the benefit of capitalism or capitalism is for the benefit of society. The Democratic party, in this case, has sided with capitalism.
Warren, she's not bad and carries some of that high plains populist tradition with her from Kansas. But she's also from Harvard Law school. You have to be very careful with Harvard products so I'm wary of Warren but will be interested to hear her ideas.
Her DNA was a goofy PR stunt that really didn't need to happen.

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