if you google "deutsche bank money laundering scandal" you will find stuff like:

I remember when they were caught laundering money for the drug cartels. They freely admitted that they had been doing it for years. Since they were very rich nobody ever did any time, just paid gigantic fines. If have mentioned this one before. The simple fact is that white collar crime is not punished, except by fine, so nobody goes to jail if they have the bucks. This, I think, is somewhat different from the "justice for all" business.

What really get interesting is that we throw lowly drug dealers in prison forever, we throw pregnant women in jail for a pittance, and people stealing food get to do time too. On the other hand, if you got the bucks you can do stuff with no problem. Create false documents to 'prove' you can foreclose on somebody's house? No problem, bit of a fine and little else and screw them that got screwed over (Bank of America has been doing this dance for years). There are lots of examples of this kind of stuff be we are arguing, with a psycho president, over a wall all experts agree is a complete and utter waste of money. Then general consensus is that he should get this money because it really isn't much (only 5 billion dollars). I live in a town of about 19,000 One billion dollars would, I think, buy the entire town, locks stock and inhabitants. It would also build a great hospital and pave a lot of road. None of that, however, is getting even talked about. The talk is just distraction. We have become a nation of distracted, entertained, lazy, and very angry idiots! The entertainment part is particularly interesting as it tends to consist, basically, with watching tv talking heads speculate about whatever. Real news seems to be a kindofa filler and little else.