paygo was used, by the Republicans, in their "tax cut". This is why, for instance, they are taking 100 billion a year out of medicare, slightly less from medicaid and looting the Social Security trust as well. This is how they paid for the tax cuts for the very rich (I have been harping on this, now, for a couple of weeks). The Republicans, basically, accomplished their wet dreams with this one. In one fell swoop they gave the very rich a tax cut, and got the destruction of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security (referred to, by the Republicans as "entitlements") on the road to extinction. Its kinda interesting. When Wyden claimed this was the Republican plan politifact rated such "false". The logic was strange, ie. they are not taking away "entitlements" only destroying them.

The simple fact is if the tax cut plan is not stopped they will be gone. Its figured that about 8 years of the aforementioned cuts will reduce these entitlements to zip, 0, nuth'in. It also did one other thing. The Republicans spent ALL THE AVAILABLE MONEY! Any plans the dems have will simply run up the debt as there is no other place for the money except a tax increase which is really unlikely. As an interesting aside Paul Ryan, whilst leaving as speaker of the house, noted that there was more to be done on "entitlements". One can only wonder what more he had planned.

My fond hope, of course, is that the Dems can fix this one but, with a Republican senate, maybe not. We should also remember that the 3 trillion dollars added to the nation debt has our interest payments, on the national debt, higher than our military costs right now and rising. Our debt ratio, right now, is actually higher than right after WWII!