You are right about Madoff. However, they also stripped him of whatever he had and he was an individual. Banks, however, are not individuals nor are they stripping said banks of everything and sending the bad guys to jail. Instead the individuals all skate and the bank gets to pay the fine. Basically, the bad guys not only get to skate but their business pays the fines so they just stay rich and quite competent to figure out the next raping of clients.

I was going to say that Madoff wrecked his clients but the banks don't do that. Then I remembered the foreclosures on homes the banks didn't actually own by creating false documents (Bank of America, caught 2 times doing this one). I also remembered when Wells Fargo blithely started charging clients for accounts they didn't know they had been gifted with by Wells Fargo (and charged for). Anyway, the simple fact is that the banks are not all that kindly towards their clients either!