Another article from the Stone interviewing a co-founder of the 'Sunrise Movement'. I like the fact that the groups co-founder is able to speak for themselves on who they are and where they've come from.
I'm suprised Logs that you would be pessimistic about this uptick in enthusiasm and support coming from a new emergent political force. The IPCC report seemed to be a call to the ramparts and these kids are responding to this as well as previous reports outlining the deadly seriousness of their futures. I would think you'd welcome their political energy and raising the issues in the public conscience. They may be neophytes but they are very much invested in the outcomes of the looming impacts and how it will effect their lives. I think that alone buy's them a seat at the table, or should. One thing's for sure, the entombed older generation and their political representatives are not moving a what would sem to be the speed necessary to meet this challenge. And why should they? It won't hit them (Pelosi, Steney Hoyer, etc..) and offends their donors.
Stone Interview

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