Pearstein's statement of their being no working class political movement in his opening argument kinda lost me. He's arguing from a standpoint of what he wants to believe is our history and curent situation and not what was/is. How can you take a guy serious after that?
I think capitalism is already in a transformational state and will conclude with totalitarianism (as it seems to nearly be). It already blankets the earth and technology seems to be accelerating it's transition and dominance. At the same time the contradictions keep piling up and can't be resolved. Just look at the amount of debt issuance since 2008 for households, commercial, student, etc.. Exciting times to be sure.
Trying to take away guy's like Pearstein's worldview and far more powerful people's worldview will be met with vicious response. That has got to be the greatest challenge more so than redistributing wealth. It upsets the 'natural order and the internal belief systems of ruling classes and hell hath no fury like an elitist exposed. Brazil may show us what happens here. Jack London's 'Iron Heel' dealt with this. The outcome to that response will seal our fate and I don't know if there is a recognition of these dangerous counterforces.