I wish you'd all read the article.... I didn't agree with either of them, actually, but the lines are being drawn. Is there a role for capitalism in a socialist world? Is there a role for government in a capitalist world? I agree that both can be true, and are. It is in the balance.

I don't believe that either economic socialism or capitalism are, in and of themselves, workable systems. Obviously, both have been tried to one extent or another and both have failed spectacularly. But from those failures, lessons can be learned. That is where I think the discussion between Perlstein and Sunkara can be informative - because both are wrong, but in different ways. Both came to the discussion with preconceived notions that colored their arguments, but each provided kernels of truth that we can expound upon here.

That is why I started this thread, to create more of a framework for discussion. Let's go back to Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Warren. Do either have a vision of how to proceed in our fractious society? Are those visions mature enough to provide a roadmap? Are the forces they inspire able to be controlled? Are their visions sufficiently different?