I guess I am confused about what this is all about. I read the article and it spent a lot of time explaining who was what kinda like the "who is on first" thing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcRRaXV-fg). When its all said and done it boils down to kinda simple things, regardless of obvious confusion, folks are unhappy, they are unhappy with the other side, they are unhappy with their side, something is not good, etc. This is what happens when each side just cannot bring themselves to talk to the other side. The capitalist 'knows' that the socialist wants everything he/she has and the socialist 'knows' that the capitalist wants to destroy everything because we all know every capitalist is incredibly guilty.

Basically, everybody is simply wrong and a functional system is made up of both sides, talking to one another, and doing the best thing for everybody. The problem with our system is that neither side is actually talking to the other. If you watch as much as a half hour of tv you will hear a talking head talking about talking to the other side. Its a common meme these days. Its also that which we all know as 'blather'. Nobody is questioning, for instance, that capitalism is responsible for raising huge populations from need, starvation, destitution, etc. On the other hand 'socialism' (citizens agreeing that some things should be the responsibility of everybody. Some of these things are law enforcement, education, healthcare, wars, etc) For a very long time both sides have been able to work with the other side. Now, however, instead of working with the other side the solution seems to be to hate the other side and have nothing to do with them. Both sides agree with talking to the other side but it just doesn't happen. Instead we have something like "talking at the other side" and listening not a wit.

As an interesting aside I guess I should also mention that the sides themselves have decided to move their goalposts which is not helpful. The Dems, for instance, want to war with each other about their stuff and the Republicans apparently would like to 'discuss' their own goalposts but seem to have been taken over by a beloved leader incapable of just about anything but blather making sure that no real discussions even take place.

I am old. I can, for instance, remember when somebody who owned a company that had employees rarely, if ever, made more than 2 times what his employees made. Now, it seems, its dandy to make more than 100 times what an employee makes. I consider this to be a bad thing and an incredible display of bad manners as well as pure greed. I can also remember when unions had the interests of its members as its first thought. Then the unions decided to get into bed with the mafia and take member money to build casinos in Las Vegas and this was the tip of the iceburg. The main reason, for instance, that the Dems were unable to pass legislation to force them that put up political ads to put their names on said ads, was because the Unions did't want that to happen. There is an American Airplane manufacturer which has a work force, for instance, that liked to go on strike during hunting season. My point is that both sides decided to go waaaaaaaay too far! The reason for that is that they stopped talking to one another and so there was/is, no mitigation!

Basically, there used to be standards and propriety. That has now been replaced with greed, personal power, and a general feeling that getting whatever you can, anyway you can, is the best way. I remember, once, that I had an employee who needed a raise. I explained that I couldn't give him one because that would mean everybody would have to get one and that would put me out of business. He replied that he understood that but still needed the raise. My solution was to get him a better paying job some place else. His attitude, however, is remembered. I have always wondered, if there was no better job would he have engendered a strike which would have killed the business? How could anybody believe that would have been a solution to anything?

These problems, I think, are just examples of poor judgment, on all sides. Until folks can sit down and work it out its just gonna get worse and worse and, in the end, historically speaking, the solution always seems to be blood on the streets ending with all the bad things we used to blame on the 3rd world. I am not even convinced that has been, and will continue to be, just the way things are.

The United States has had a pretty good run at things but, unless stuff changes, its gonna all go the way of other national failures. When you throw in stuff like climate change one can only wonder. As previously stated I am old so its unlikely I will bear witness to the coming disaster but I am convinced its pretty much on the way!