I thought the referenced Vox article described their being a committee to 'corral' all the available evidence and scientific testimony. I don't think this is 'sexy stuff' approach Logs.
On the other hand what has the party elders done recently? Vaguely committed to rejoining the noncommittal Paris Treaty. Appointing a coal Democrat to Energy committee. Appoint a real estate funded developer backed congresswoman from Florida on a neutered congressional subcommittee.
Which would you rather make your bio-char efficacy argument too. Youthful energy that recognizes the existential threat for near term organized human existence and have moved the issue to the national stage where it should be or geriatrics that have no stake in their decisions outcomes and are indebted to a system that runs on consumer capitalism? The very system that defines them and their world views.
Or in the words of our esteemed senate minority leader Charles Schumer:

"Mr. President....tear down these gas prices!"

Just sayin...

I'm totally down with you on changing the culture of disposable consumption and wasting energy, Logs. Something any parent/grandparent that went thru the depression would understand just from the practical, economically survivable benefits.
If biochar has efficacy with the triple bottom line benefits you were touting Logs, wouldn't that be enough to sell the practice and the related gear without government assistance?

What would you like to be considered in this evolving green new deal? Very curious.

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