It would be nice to think of the problem in larger terms than what pop culture has imagined. Your right though.
I almost hate to use the word holistic because it gets used do much but it will take a 'all of the above' approach with the largest payback at lowest cost going first, IMO.
Instead of opting out of using straws, I'm told that food waste is the second biggest payback activity we could do to draw down atmospheric CO2. I was raised to not wast food but I admit I have not always been good about it. I've since become militant.
For me it's pretty simple. Lower your carbon footprint as fast and cheap as you can. I hope that's what happens but I share your pessimism. It seems like it takes hard sustained knocks before people change their world view. By then it might be to baked in the late.
Still, this new effort seems to be more than just international treaty or tax incentives for those that can afford it and moves it into the realm of possibilities up and down the line. At least it's moving the needle ever do slightly in the right direction.

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