You are probably right. I do, however, believe that the American voting public is a lazy, ignorant, bunch of self serving loons, for the most part. Its been said, any number of times, that the elected class actually mirrors them that elected them and I believe that.

If that is true then the incredible incompetence, of our elected, simply reflects them that voted them into office. Its probably, pretty much, simply the way it is. We should also remember that any voter turnout, over 50% is considered a huge landslide and, it would seem, rarely happens. The very fact that there are them that don't vote simple adds fuel to my thought. Someplace I posted a story about a school district that didn't vote and their schools were a genuine mess. The real problem was the not voting but the folks running the schools were blamed. I watched them on TV (the administrators) and they were close to tears over the state of their schools - didn't change a damned thing. Parents were simply too busy to vote in the interest of their own children. I would expand that to question their ability to actually vote in their own best interest and tend to believe that they are more ignorant than mislead.