I remember watching on TV somebody who was not from the United States but had just had the profession of being a Lobbyist to him. He was absolutely amazed. His response was, "do you mean to tell me that the United States as legislated bribery? He was absolutely stunned. He was right. This has been going on for a very long time. As long as the elected class stays with the rules they can get very, very rich. When they don't they REALLY get stomped on - by their own!

The very fact that everybody knows what a lobbyist does, and how much money they distribute (if you don't I would suggest https://www.opensecrets.org/). The fact that its been going on for a very, very long time yet nobody seems to do a damn thing about it. One would think that somebody would but, nope, not going to happen.

My point is that bribery is something we all hate yet we have, for literally years, let it continue under whatever you want to call it. The current phrase, I think, is 'contribution'. Oh, then there are the rules about "campaign funds". Just part of the dressing but as simple as that is some just can't abide sticking with the rules that help them with bribery and keep them all out of jail.

My real point is that we are all whining and beating our chests and weeping over the evils of our system and, at the same time, ignore an abuse that is just staring us right in the eye. Other nations have dealt with this. They put controls in place to control the amounts of money as well as how much they can spend. In America its a bit different. Regular folk are restricted to giving small amounts. Them that are rich can spend, literally, billions. This is right up front! Read all about it! There are even those who tried to do something about it, John McCain comes to mind. Don' make no difference.

If we can't deal with basic stuff how in the world do we expect we can deal with somebody like Jackass who has broken every rule, lies virtually all the time, is a sexual predator, and a genuine human jackass. I would humbly suggest that the simple fact is that the American Voting public just does not give a damn and neither do those they elect to a job that can make them rich. Then, of course, we expect them to behave better. Simple question - why?