"But among Democratic activists, the debates over the Green New Deal tend to mirror long-running debates over the value of pragmatism and incrementalism versus idealism and radicalism."

Oh? It is?
Honestly, what is the purpose of Grunwald's article? Politico has been on a tear against any high profile leftists for awhile now and the only takeaway from it seems to be more centrist fetishizing of incrementalism is preferable to any bold ideas that can capture the public imagination.
It also seems to be speaking to a select class of people that hold that view. My guess is their real world view from their house is a pleasant one that can afford the incremental pace and narrow benefits of what they are promoting by this article.

Grunwald's case seems built on the past events from Obama's failure to get his stimulus package thru both houses with his own attached 'green deal' component without pleasing a few hold out democrats and republicans. So now it's bad cuz you might not get stuff passed because of some previous administrations desire for consensus over expediency.

I won't bother to, again, point out how the far right got a very unpopular rich guy tax break thru. That would be like saying there's something lacking with centrists ability to put up numbers.

Obama's not President anymore and maybe a Green New Deal that has a decent paying job component would have more direct and understandable benefits to voters than moronic tax brakes to wealthy people so they can buy a Tesla or slap up some panels on their houses. That was a recipe for class resentments and helps to further alienate the horseless.

People would love jobs that are meaningful and pay decent rather than renting out rooms to strangers in the house their parents may have left them or living in their cars with an Uber gig. A lot of people will. That also means votes on a proposal that has broad popular support. That's a political weapon to be harnessed. So why do centrists always want to take it over and breal it off for their own class?

Here's another concept that's actually been around longer than Obama.

You can jump to 15:30 mark where Wolf interviews his guest on the subject.

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