Are we still talking about politics always being entertainment? Because war and famine threw me.
Or is this some of that weird centrist mental ju jitsu stuff. You know... The world is flat, The end of History kind of stuff that was on a best seller list somewhere? There's nothing new under the sun or this, too, shall pass?

As I watch the threat of popular ideas promoted by a new crop of leftists and the media cranking up to smother their ideas their has been a new embrace of critiquing capitalism on the far right. This is a serious developement as the Centrist ridden Democratic Party have staked their careers on capitalism and are hostile to any critique coming from the left. And why wouldn't they. Fat and giggly on a decades long run of political patronage while helping to strip down and sell off the public space and trusts to privateers. It's a gravey train that put a lot of boats in slips and vacays in beautiful places.
If and when an economic downturn kicks out the very shakey remaining supports to a majority of angry Americans who do you think will have a better political position?
The party of 'Nothing to see here, everything's just great' or 'Your leaders have sold you out for a pot of gold!' ?
I'm guessing it will go social nationalist should centrist retain their death grip on the party and smother populist ideas with broad public support. Plenty of historical precedent on this political dynamic.
Nothing new under the sun.

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