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Speculation A: It is the Russian oil company Rosneft Oil where Trump was given a percentage of ownership for his assist in addressing the sanctions Obama placed on the Russians, per the Steele Dossier. Hmm

Speculation B: I don't have one. SEE: Speculation A smile

I have a Speculation B now. smile

Speculation B: Fatboy wanted a Trump Tower so badly, he was planning one, signed a letter of intent, then his big, fat, mouth and asinine over-inflated ego caused the neurotic son-of-a-bitch and hot-mess, to run for President, that the Trump Tower - Moscow was put on hold. When rumors of Fatboy's financial cozy relationships with Russia appeared in the press, Fatboy lied about said relationships, as he always does. Putin probably slightly jabbing at Fatso said: "I tell about your intent to build a Tower in Moscow - and Fatboy seeing he put himself in a corner became a little frightened. Then Putin saw that Fatboy was under his spell and told Fatboy to get rid of Obama's 2014 sanctions, and Fatboy did at the Republican National Convention.

It is through a series of minor lies, that have now snowballed into one gigantic FUBAR that there is no turning back for Fatboy.

America must now Impeach the walking, talking, rectum commonly known as an ässhole. smile

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