The United States was setup so that the majority would rule and run it all. As far as I know the majority, in the end, are probably closer to the middle then far off in the woods, ie. socialists, communists, crazies (both sides), nazis, anarchists, color supremists (white, green, black, blue, etc) and fascists. Hammering 'centrists', I think, means that the majority is getting hammered. This is, in the long run, not a real good idea?

I was talking to somebody the other day and he told me that somebody pointed out that all the crazies were, at one point, crazies. Now, with social mediums they all have the ability to talk to one another and join up. The result is that they now have a voice and, so far, have been pounding all of us with their poison. I have no idea what can be done and suspect the answer is "nothing". It just means that those of us not joining up with the crazies are going to have to stand up and be counted before we get, literally, run over by crazies!

Since there are no thoughts on this I might add that the ability of crazies, through media, to talk and organize. One result was the white supremacist marches. This is, I suspect, true with other groups also, such as the anarchists. Whilst my example tend to deal with fringes on the right I also believe that exactly the same thing is happening on the left. The difference is that them on the right seem to be quite willing to march under the Republican flag whilst the fringe groups on the left don't seem to understand that, in their isolated pride, they are quite willing to split, disparage, and generally work as hard as they can to blow up the Democratic party and them that are the supposed leaders of said party seem blind to it all.

As usual - I wish us all good luck!

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