The problem, I think, has to do with frustration over the Mueller investigation. Its been a long time and nothing seems to be happening. I think a lot of pressure would be released if they could hand down another bunch of charges. Everytime we hear that Jackass has pissed off yet another ally, insulted another group, kiss the ring of Putin, etc. folks tend to get a bit upset and just want it to stop. Now we are in a shutdown with no end in site.

The obvious solution is for the congress, the WHOLE congress, forgets the politics and starts to pass veto proof legislation and, for the at happen, the Republicans need to step up. If that doesn't happen then this thing can go on forever. Perhaps the senate should be advised that this is the way, in theory, that the founders designed the system. Right now, however, we are told that McConnell is at fault. He is just the face. The simple fact is that the Republican simply cannot bring themselves to do the right thing. This, in spite of the continuous reports that the senate Republicans would be delighted to do as I suggest except for McConnell. That is, I think, simple balony. They can do this thing if they grown a pair and stiffen their backbones.

As I understand it anybody in the senate can actually bring legislation to the floor if they have the votes. In spite of all the balony the fact remains - the members simply do not have the stomach for it. Sorry, as far as I can tell these craven simply don't have the stomach to act like members of the congress instead of the members of the afraid of the Dear Leader club.

None of this is going to end well. ALL members of the senate are very close to ALL being painted with the obstructionist paintbrush. Perhaps they might act when people start dying because of a lack of food inspections, very tired air controllers or pilots, etc. Even then, I suspect, they will continue with the games until folks REALLY get a bit upset. Right now it seems that the populace know what is going on and have come to the conclusion its just the way it is <sigh>