A bump in half a decade? Imagine the sound of solitary sarcastic hand clapping.
What will $15 be worth in 5 years? Centrists Dems-lowering expectations since 1972.
Green new deal, medicare for all, legal weed, fight for 15. These are all external pressures outside of the centrist aligned democratic party, not from within. Credit where credits due.

I've watched for decades the steady erosion of the public space, labor wages, consumer rights, etc, etc I no longer listen to the slow rollers and the incessant capitulation to corporate interests. I don't think I'm alone in this.

I can't help you with your lack of understanding with the neoliberal project within the democratic party. Plenty of information out there by respected reporters and political observers. I've posted links out to well documented articles on the subject. You might start with the Powell Memo

Neoliberalism describes the first and second terms of every Administration and Centrist 'Third Way' senate/congressional democrat since Carter. There has been no left alternative voice in decades and, until recently, only a small but vocal emergent left offering a real alternative to the "there's no other way" neoliberal political consensus of the Democratic Party.

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